Stress Testing for Islamic Banks

OBJECTIVE:This Program will help participants:

  • To know the basics of Stress Testing
  • To understand the role of the Risk department in relation to stress testing
  • To know the Capital Adequacy Framework & key tools of managing different risks
  • To understand the specific risks involved in Islamic Banking & develop strategies to mitigate
  • To know the regulatory compliance periodic reporting and review


  • Introduction to the Stress Testing
  • The role of risk department &responsibility of the Board
  • Capital adequacy framework
  • Key tools for managing various risks:
    • Credit risk
    • Market risk
    • Rate of return risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Risk arising from securitization activities
    • Operational risk
    • Financial group risk
  • Specific risks in Islamic finance
  • Stress Testing Methodologies, Sensitivity & scenario analysis
  • Development of policies & procedures
  • Implementation & Supervision
  • Compliance with Regulations, Periodic Reporting & Review


All Banking Executives (middle level- all departments)

METHODOLOGY:Interactive program based on:

  • Professional PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • Practical examples and solutions
  • Case Studies
  • Lectures, Group Discussions
  • Progress Assessment
  • Blended Learning
  • Video Clips
  • Motivational talks & Leadership insights
  • Taught by practitioners
  • Exam