Islamic Assets, Funds & Wealth Management

OBJECTIVE: This Program will help participants:

  • To understand the Islamic Investment guidelines in respect of managing assets and funds
  • To know the Islamic stock selection process
  • To know how to preserve & manage wealth


  • Introduction and importance of investment in Islam
  • Structuring Islamic Funds
  • Different types of Islamic Funds
  • Islamic stock selection process & investing in equities
  • Islamic Indices
  • Islamic Asset, Funds & Wealth Management
  • Hedging Tools and Techniques in Islamic Finance Investment Management
  • Market risk management strategies for Islamic Funds
  • Liquidity strategies for Islamic Funds
  • Basics of Islamic Wealth Management
  • Key Differences between Conventional and Islamic Wealth Management
  • Role of the Islamic Financial planner 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Corporate & Investment Banking (middle level executives – all departments).

METHODOLOGY:Interactive program based on:

  • Professional PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • Practical examples and solutions
  • Case Studies
  • Lectures, Group Discussions
  • Progress Assessment
  • Blended Learning
  • Video Clips
  • Motivational talks & Leadership insights
  • Taught by practitioners
  • Exam